A Better Way to Facilitate Holacracy Governance Meetings

Why You Need to Encourage Objections

This way of facilitating is a bit nuanced, so I recorded a short intro and explanations for each step. Comments and responses related to this post are hosted on the Holacracy Community of Practice.


  • The whole process is about Present Proposal (PP) and Objection Round (OR) — other steps just help those two things.
  • Facilitator needs to convey BOTH “Protect Proposer” energy AND “Encourage Objector” energy (most Facilitators only do the first).
  • Most Facilitators emphasize coaching in the Reaction Round rather than leveraging the Objection Round — that’s a mistake.
  • This distinction is important for facilitating circles of any skill level.

Present Proposal

Clarifying Questions

Reaction Round

Amend & Clarify

Objection Round: Part 1 — Framing

Objection Round: Part 2-Testing Objection



I hope this was helpful. Remember, feeling completely comfortable with testing objections is the key. Encourage them. And if you’re not completely comfortable, encourage them anyway, because it’s the only way to get comfortable.