Adopt Holacracy

Holacracy is an overhaul to the way your organization works—how decisions are made, work gets done, and power is distributed. It's a full-scale replacement for the management hierarchy. 

There are many benefits to practicing Holacracy, but realizing its full potential requires a commitment to new ways of working and a fundamental power-shift. 

To know if it's right for your organization we recommend getting an experience.

Get an experience of Holacracy

There's no substitute for a getting a first-hand experience of Holacracy to better understand the impact it can have on your organization.

Holacracy Taster

During this half-day experiential workshop, you'll learn the Holacracy fundamentals, see how organizations are structured, and get a hands-on experience using the meeting formats. 

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Discovery Session

Test drive Holacracy with an in-house workshop. Over two days your team will learn the fundamentals, use Holacracy to resolve real issues, and explore the challenges and benefits of applying Holacracy within your organization.

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Not sure what the best option is for you?

Tell us about your situation and we'll help you explore options.

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Ready to Adopt?

There's a wealth of resources available to support your organization.

Consulting Support

Certified Holacracy Coaches will guide you through each phase of the adoption process, partnering with you to reach a self-sufficient and sustainable Holacracy practice.

A typical adoption includes:

  • Initial organization structuring (transitioning your current structure to a Holacracy structure)
  • Engagement planning and pre-launch preparation
  • Launch support and organization-wide rollout
  • Meeting facilitation and shadowing
  • Group workshops and individual coaching
  • Follow-up support as needed, including going deeper into the power-shift

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The Holacracy coach will recognize the issue and help you find the right solution to your problem. You can see the problem, but they actually know what the solution is.

Ruben Timmerman, Springest


Whether you're "bootstrapping" your Holacracy adoption or getting support, trainings are crucial for success. Our Practitioner Training teaches the Holacracy essentials, develops capacity facilitating, and provides hands-on coaching from Holacracy experts.

  • Learn how Holacracy works so you can effectively drive work forward in a self-managed company
  • Get experience facilitating Holacracy meetings
  • Learn key resources such as GlassFrog® and the Holacracy Constitution
  • Learn how to adopt Holacracy in your organization and avoid common pitfalls

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The Practitioner Training not only helped accelerate the adoption and the learning. But it also provided a much deeper understanding of why.

Michael DeAngelo, Washington Technology Solutions