Holacracy Premier Provider iGi Partners

iGi Partners imported Holacracy from the United States to expand it in France and Europe (French and English). We are one of the few in the world authorized to offer services in Holacracy. Our seasoned team teaches organizations how to benefit from this new management adapted to the 21st century. In order to provide state-of-the-art training, support and coaching in this cutting-edge managerial technology, iGi Partners is constantly perfecting its practice within its own structure.

Our Services: Consulting, Practitioner Trainings, Coach Trainings

Holacracy Provider since: 2010

Location served: Europe, Canada

Languages served: French, English

Recognition: Premier Provider, Master Coach on Staff, and Holacracy Trainer on Staff

Premier Provider  Master Coach on Staff  Holacracy Trainer on Staff

Website: https://igipartners.com

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