Holacracy Election Process 101: Election Process Walk-through

The Integrative Election Process is detailed in constitution section 3.3.6 and is the final authority on the election process. This walk-through supplements the constitutional description with added coaching points and examples.

1. Open Space to Ask Questions about Role, Expectations, Process, or Eligibility

Facilitator makes space for questions. “We are holding an election for Secretary of the Marketing Circle. Popcorn style — any clarifying questions?”

  • Optional: describe accountabilities and relevant info
  • Make space for any questions about the role, process, or who is eligible for nomination
  • Term length is decided by the Facilitator (2.5.2)

2. Fill Out Ballots

Submit nominations to Facilitator using sticky notes in person (make sure they also put their own name on it) or chat if virtual. Have everyone enter a name into chat, then press Enter on keyboard on Facilitator instruction (“Type the name in the chat box, but don’t hit Enter. Anyone need more time? No, Ok. Then hit Enter on my count. 3…2…1…Enter”)

  • No one may abstain or nominate multiple people for the same role

3. Nomination round

Facilitator reads each nomination and asks nominator “why did you nominate this person?” (e.g. “Tom you nominated Sally. Why Sally?”)

  • Each nominator must state a reason, although saying “no reason” is sufficient (e.g. “I nominated Sally because she she has experience with Glassfrog and is good at scheduling”)
  • However, nominees can’t share reasons why NOT someone else (Facilitator should interrupt and redirect)

4. Nomination change round

Facilitator asks each person if they would like to change their nomination. “I change to Sally because she seems to have a good handle on the rules and would make a good Secretary.”

  • Nominator may say why they are nominating the new person, but it isn’t required

5. Make Proposal

Facilitator says who got the most votes and makes a proposal (nominee and term length), which the Secretary should capture in GlassFrog like any other proposal (select the “Hold Election” button). In a tie, the Facilitator may propose a candidate by:

  • Picking at random
  • Choosing previous role filler
  • Selecting a person that proposed themselves
  • Nominating again but with just those who didn’t choose one of the tied candidates

6. Process Proposal

Facilitator starts with the objection round (no clarifying questions, reactions, or amend steps). Facilitator may void the proposal and repeat from step 3 if the nominated individual raises an objection.

  • Ask proposed role-filler for their objections last

Closing Election Item

Congratulate newly elected role-filler and remind circle members that new elections may be requested before the term is complete.

If there is a newly elected Facilitator, than current Facilitator may only continue Facilitating the meeting with the new Facilitator’s permission.

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