What You Can Request from the Lead Link

Just like any other role in the circle, circle members can and should request projects and actions from the Lead Link, but only those related explicitly to its purpose or accountabilities. These include:

  • Prioritizations/strategies (e.g. “Which of my projects in this circle is the highest priority?”)
  • Coaching for you as a role-filler (e.g. “On a scale of 1–10, how much of a fit am I in this role? Why that number?”)
  • Defining metrics* for the circle (e.g. “I’d love to see the monthly sales numbers — would you add that as a metric?”)
  • Allocating Resources (e.g. money, getting more people to fill roles, etc.)
  • Assigning or re-assigning roles (e.g. “I know you haven’t found anyone for the Marketing role yet, but I’d like regular updates. Will you take a project for that?”)
  • Anything you need from roles that are currently unfilled (e.g. “Since, Marketing is still unfilled, can you take a project to update the newsletter?”)
  • Only the Lead Link can define metrics. However, anyone may request checklist items of other roles.