Holacracy Whitepaper

This white paper gives an overview of Holacracy and presents its core elements. Feel free to download & share!

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Ask any trend-tracker about the evolution of marketplaces and business models, and you’re likely to hear the term “peer-to-peer.” Companies like AirBnB, Uber, and Lending Club are leading what’s been dubbed the “peer-to-peer revolution,” followed by a host of smaller startups whose key characteristics include greater flexibility and adaptability; decentralized control; increased efficiency; and quicker responsiveness to local demand. Emerging as a logical outgrowth of social media, and fuelled by a new generation of consumers eager to streamline their lives and reduce everyday inefficiencies, peer-to-peer models seem destined to reshape more and more industries. As the marketplace becomes increasingly decentralized, forward-thinking business leaders have begun to ask, how can we bring these same principles to bear on the way organizations themselves are structured and governed? How can we make the inner workings of our companies more flexible, more adaptable, and more responsive to change?