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Understanding the Basics


Holacracy Whitepaper

Curious to learn the fundamentals of Holacracy? This whitepaper provides an overview of Holacracy and presents its core elements.


Holacracy Intro Video

This introductory webinar introduces the core principles, structure, and practices used in Holacracy. It features a high-level presentation of…

Chris Cowan
May 25, 2018

Understanding Tensions

The fuel for change in Holacracy

Chris Cowan
Jan 17, 2019

This Time it’s Personal

Why Holacracy Differentiates Role and Soul

Chris Cowan
Aug 27, 2018

The Intention to Adhere

What “Following the Rules” Really Means

Chris Cowan
Apr 19, 2018

Two Helpful Unwritten Holacracy Rules

Chris Cowan
Dec 19, 2018

Why Holacracy Changes How We Talk

Chris Cowan
Jun 4, 2018

Communicating Expectations in Holacracy

A Rosetta Stone for Holacracy-Powered Organizations

Understanding Tactical Meetings

Chris Cowan
May 19, 2018

Understanding Checklists

Chris Cowan
Apr 18, 2018

Holacracy Tactical Meeting Phrase Book

Understanding Governance

Chris Cowan
Mar 21, 2018

Metaphors for Understanding Governance

The Map is Not the Territory

Chris Cowan
Jul 19, 2017

Understanding Domains

Chris Cowan
Jul 28, 2017

Understanding Policies

Chris Cowan
Jul 26, 2017

Understanding Governing People

How NOT to Handle Things Working Hours, Dress Code, and Social Norms

Chris Cowan
Jun 8, 2018

Understanding Objections

Chris Cowan
Jan 4, 2018

Understanding Integration

Chris Cowan
Jan 5, 2018

Getting Stuck and Unstuck in Integration

How to Navigate Difficult Integrations in Holacracy®

Chris Cowan
Jul 7, 2018

Raising Valid Objections: Are You Anticipating?

Understanding Holacracy® Objection Validity Criteria #3

Understanding the Powershift

Chris Cowan
Jun 3, 2017

What the Lead Link Does NOT Do

Chris Cowan
Aug 4, 2017

Why Isn’t the Lead Link Elected?

The Pathway to Hell is Paved with, Well…You Know