Licensing Program

Interested in helping organizations adopt Holacracy?

Holacracy has grown and matured significantly across the world in the last few years. With over 1000 Holacracy-practicing organizations, 82 Certified Holacracy Coaches, 1,500+ graduates of Holacracy Practitioner Trainings, trademarks registered in 32 countries, and 14 international translations of the Holacracy book, it is the most popular self-management solution in the world today.

We support qualified consultants who bring Holacracy to organizations around the globe.

HolacracyOne offers a licensing program designed to open the doors to high-quality and transformative Holacracy adoptions worldwide.

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Program Offerings

Additional Offerings for Premier Providers

Licensees who perform consistent, high-quality work have the opportunity to become a Premier Provider of Holacracy Services for a specific geographic, linguistic, or other niche markets. If you become a Premier Provider, you’ll have the following additional benefits and responsibilities:

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