Get Ready for the Tactical Facilitation Assessment


The Tactical Assessment is a measurement of Holacracy facilitation and coaching skills during tactical meetings. The scenario (described below) will be the client’s first tactical meeting as a circle, which we use to evaluate different levels of facilitation skill.

The Tactical Assessment is more than an assessment. It’s also as a learning tool which fills a gap our public trainings are not designed to satisfy. Therefore, in order to provide candidates the most valuable feedback possible, it is an intentionally difficult assessment.

What to Expect

The assessment is a 1.5-hour simulated tactical meeting that you will be facilitating and coaching — as you would for a client organization. The meeting will be virtual with the participants and you joining the same virtual meeting space. However, the simulation will not begin immediately upon joining the virtual meeting, and will instead start with some open space for questions and framing.

We will have 2 assessors (Certified Holacracy Coaches) role-playing characters as if they were members of the client company. At different points during the simulated meeting, the assessors will notify the candidate to pause the simulation and switch into a real discussion about the candidate’s performance.

Please note that this is the very first meeting of the circle (i.e. a “launch” meeting), which is different than Facilitating an experienced group. You will be expected to orient the participants to the process (and Holacracy) as you go through it, but you must balance education with your ability to get through the process smoothly and help the team process their tensions.

As this assessment is also a learning opportunity, we have dedicated time for feedback. However, we will stay inside the simulation as much as possible to replicate a real meeting. Feedback will be provided in two chunks, the first about half way through, the second at the end.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You’ll also be able to ask questions to the assessors at the beginning of the session, before the assessment starts.

The Scenario


Scoring for the assessment covers 6 dimensions (in no particular order):

Each dimension will be scored on a scale from 0 to 2:

There are three possible final scores:

Technical Setup

Here’s what you need to set up ahead of time:

Advice for you from Previous Assessment Candidates